Who is providing lift and who is providing drag within your organization?

​Solutions for understanding the talents of your team, both for today's needs and for future growth of your business.   Actionable insights to help you better evolve over time.

Solving front-line leadership problems can cure 80% of your operational problems.   Even if only a small percentage of your team are "C" and "D" players, they can collectively drain up to 60% of the time and energy of your senior executives.  

You have pivotal roles within your organization.   You can't afford to have anything but "A" players in these pivotal roles.   We help you get to the heart of your talent pool so that you can make business decision to genuinely impact and evolve your business.

Talent Assessment

  1. Today and Future Focused
    Objective Understanding of your Leadership
    Our approach measures not only job performance today but also assesses the capability for growth. Are your resources promotable? if so, how far? Our assessment quantifies the potential for your organization based on the existing talent pool so you can discover where you have gaps and what could hold you back.
  2. Proven Quantifiable Approach
    Based on years of research and organizational development
    Our quantified approach has been used by countless Fortune 500 companies to assess the talent of their work teams. Through our assessment you will have a quantifiable and objective view of your talent so that you can make sound business decisions.
  3. Big-Picture Focus
    A dashboard-oriented view of your Talent Pool
    With your entire team measured against relevant and uniform criteria, you can spot areas of strength and opportunity within your company. Both macro and individual-level action plans can be developed to help you properly evolve your business.


  1. Promotability
    We assess if your team is promoteable and if so how many levels. Is your talent maxed out or do you have the next senior leader for your organization?
  2. Pivotal Role Identification
    Pivotal roles represent the greatest opportunity for success and risk for failure. Does your team have the skills you need for success?
  3. Change Leadership
    Is your team capable of impacting change? Are they able to adapt and evolve with the organization. Better yet, can they be catalysts for change.
  4. Readiness
    We help you understand the bench strength of your organization. Is your team ready to step up should the need arise. Do you have a succession plan that is set up for success?
  5. Strengths and Opportunities
    In what key areas do you have power and where do you have weakness. We help you map out an action plan for development
  6. Talent Forecast
    We assess the impact your team's growth will have within the organization.